At Garfield Childcare, Preschool & OOSH fees are charged on a daily basis and include charges for Public Holidays.  Since the fee level calculation is based on averages, fees must be paid even if the child is away sick, on holidays, or if your child is excluded due to non-immunisation.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to all eligible families who attend Garfield Childcare.

This is administered through the Child Care Management System (CCMS). CCS is a type of assistance offered by the Federal Government to assist families with the costs of childcare through the Family Assistance Office (FAO / Centrelink). CCS can be claimed as a reduction in the weekly fee that you pay to the centre.

You will need to make an application for the CCS prior to starting with Garfield. This can be done in person at a Family Assistance Office, over the phone on 136 150 or online at

On enrolment, families will be required to pay a bond of two weeks’ fees. This will be refunded upon cessation of care at Garfield.

Fees must be maintained at two weeks’ in advance at all times.

On enrolment, families will be required to pay a bond which will be 2 weeks of the normal fees payable.  This bond may be carried over onto your child’s fees when 2 weeks’ notice is given for withdrawal from the centre or it will be reimbursed where required. Your child should attend the centre for at least 6 weeks before your bond will be returned. Your position at the centre will not be secured until a bond has been received.