Our Philosophy

Garfield Childcare Service is committed to providing a quality service which fosters an approach of mutual respect and collaborative relationships between educators, children, families, communities and management.

We believe that all children have the right to be supported, nurtured and to experience the moment of embracing childhood.

We have a strong focus on inclusive practices and therefore reflect on our pedagogies to ensure that all children’s needs, interests, knowledge, cultures and skills are embraced and supported. We aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging to, and love of the land so that our children, families and educators develop an appreciation and respect for what we acknowledge as Indigenous grounds.

We empower children to develop a sense of agency by providing a care environment that nurtures choice, expression of voice, and encouragement to actively participate in the curriculum.

We believe children are capable learners and inspire us to further develop our curriculum by embedding meaning and purpose. Our play experiences aim to spark excitement, spontaneity, involvement, intentional teaching and a strong focus on children’s interests.

We recognise the importance of child and family connections and endeavour to embed this in engagements. We promote family involvement and opportunities for sharing feedback as this builds strong foundations in our practices.

Our diverse team of educators support one another through ongoing learning and critical reflection in aim to strengthen the core of our focus, this being the children.