Dolphins Room



Varsha L

Hi my name is Varsha.

I am from a small island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. I have 2 children of my own and I am an early childhood university trained teacher (Bachelor of Early childhood) and I have been working with children of all ages for the past 7 years in different setting. I will be working in the Dolphins room mainly helping children to be ready for their coming school years.

I believed children should be provided with an environment that is friendly and welcoming. There should be a positive atmosphere and be inviting to the children and families. I feel that the room design works best when it is organized into designated areas of development where children can interact in small groups, large groups or individually. I also believed that giving children opportunity to use self-help skills to undertake activities of interest as well as programmed activities which children are encouraged to participate in.

I respect and teach the values and expectations of the community.  I ensure that I speak in a positive, respectful manner and follow the same guidelines that I expect the children to comply with. I try to use the Code of Ethics as a guideline for conduct of behaviour and how to deal with various issues that may arise. As an early childhood teacher my aim to provide a program that reflects the Early Years Learning Framework including its Practices and Principles. Feel free to talk to me for anything and I will be happy to assist





My name is Claudia Lopez.

Being in the Childcare Industry has been a positive experience for me. I have watched the children grow and learn. I enjoy teaching them and looking out for their interests they are developing. Following what I teach them is the most satisfying experience I have had. I have built a strong bond with the children and they feel comfortable with me as their carer. I am currently studying my Diploma in children services.

I am looking forward for my journey in the Childcare industry to learn and overcome with the obstacles and challenges that will enable me to be a great educator.




Hi my name is Marina,

I work in the dolphin room mainly in the afternoon. I believe that helping children to develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment occurs through an open sharing of ideas and a judicious approach to discipline. When the voice of each child is heard, and environment evolves where students feel free to express themselves. Class meetings are one way to encourage such dialogue. I believe children have greater respect for their teachers, their peers, and the lessons presented when they feel safe and sure of what is expected of them. In setting fair and consistent rules initially and stating the importance of every activity, students are shown respect for their presence and time. In turn they learn to respect themselves, others, and their environment.