Our Philosophy

Garfield Childcare Service is committed to provide a quality service which fosters an attitude of mutual respect, open relationship and support between educators, children, families and management. We believe that all children need to have the right to be supported, nurtured and loved and experience the joy of childhood. We aim to integrate children with additional needs in our setting. Garfield Childcare Service  believe that all children need to be treated as precious individuals to feel safe, secure and given the opportunities to learn through play, and being involved in decision making. We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging. Garfield Childcare celebrate children’s play, discoveries and learning through reflection, meaningful documentation, projects and learning stories of their daily achievements that is for children to reach their full potential. We believe that each child needs the guidance and support of a loving family, and opportunities to be further nurtured in an environment supported by educators too. We aim at building a sound interpersonal relationship between educator, children, families and community partners with an emphasis on promoting on inter-generational bonding and multiculturalism.

Garfield Childcare Service ensure that all educators are in line with EYLF (Early years learning Framework), MTOP (My Time Our Place) and NQF (National Quality Framework). We provide a curriculum that aligns with the concept of: Belonging, Being and Becoming which consists of key principles, practices and 5 key learning outcomes that guide young children learning. We appreciate parent involvement in our curriculum and welcome opportunities for them to share ideas and experiences that contribute to their children learning.

Educators are encouraged to work effectively as a team, continually updating their skills and knowledge through both formal and informal development. Garfield Childcare Team acknowledges the importance of the NQF (National Quality Framework) as a guideline to provide a high standard of quality teaching practices. We acknowledge and support the personal strengths, professional experience and diversity which all of them bring to the center.

We aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging to, and love of the land, nature and animals, so that young children will develop lifelong respectful as well positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and a sustainable future.

We acknowledged and value for the Indigenous heritage locally, nationally and internationally and respect them as being the natives of the land and aim at raising awareness.