What we do

Long day care Pre School:

At Garfield preschool we provide an intensive school readiness program, using the early years learning framework and my time my place, we are able to provide an enriching environment, which makes this major transition for our little ones a lot easier. With the support from our early childhood educators we commit in providing an educational program that allowed for children to grow at their own pace. We offer a stimulated learning environment; our program enables children to learn through child interest based experiences.

We incorporated our routine in different areas of the day: including group times based on language, school readiness and music and movement, along with intentional teaching which incorporates projects the children and currently interested in.

We believe that each child follows a unique pattern of learning and development: these qualities need to be nurtured in order for children to grow and flourish. We believe that children should have the opportunity to “just be”; all children will have an equal opportunity to learn, enhancing children’s sense of belonging to our centre. We ensure all our children feel welcomes and confident in their rooms.

Our program is driven by the interest of the children and their families and is supported by the early years learning framework and guidance from the national quality framework with opportunities to connect with nature and the world around them. We believe in a holistic approach to educators where the educators are co-learners with the children. We highly value our role as educators and are committed to the national quality framework and extending our skills and abilities through professional development.

Our children begin to involve in our school readiness program this includes all developmental areas, including writing, pre-reading skills and prepare them for kindergarten. We believe the centre should be an extension of the children’s home. Families are the first teachers of children so we actively promote and encourage a strong partnership with families to instil open communication amongst one another. We embrace and encourage family participation and involvement within our centre on a daily basis, as well as in our curriculum development.

Short hours preschool

Garfield preschool programs is play-based educational programs, designed exclusively for children in the years prior to school, typically 4 and 5 year olds and that is aligned with the Early Years learning Framework.

The educational programs take a holistic approach to your child’s development, extending their competencies and skills as they prepare to make the transition to school.

Our programs help families to identify when individual children are ready for school and to prepare them with the skills and qualities they need for a fruitful school experience. The activities are aimed to create links between the service, families and schools and are subdivided in the following learning areas.

Social skills

  • To support children to have positive approach with other children and make friends participate in play.
  • Express emotions and deal with conflict appropriately and show interest in others and form friendships.
  • They can express their needs and wants appropriately.
  • They will can follow some directions and understand some rules.
  • Participate in groups; and cope with transitions between routines and experiences.

Cognitive skills

  • To show natural curiosity and interest in learning new things.
  • Have confidence in learning; and be interested in solving problems.

Language skills

  • use language to ask questions and communicate their thoughts and ideas; listen to others
  • Enjoy books and being read to.
  • Independence and life skills to support themselves in the schooling years.
  • To cope with a small amount of supervision in a variety of situations
  • Ability to go to the toilet and dress themselves independently.
  • Unpack their lunch box and use a drink bottle; and work with a structured environment.

Physical skills

  • To use pencils, crayons, textas and scissors
  • To balance, run, jump, and use equipment such as balls and climbing equipment.


Our oosh service is catered for our lady of Mount Carmel and Wentworthville Public

We cater for before and after school care, vacation care and pupil free days (teacher development days). Our activities programs are based on the National Quality Framework ‘My Time, Our Place” and children’s interest.

All meals provided at our service are based on the new Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines to promote positive healthy eating habits.


Before school – 7am – 9am

After school – 3pm – 6pm

Vacation care & pupil free days

7am – 6pm

Vacation care 5-12 years old. Vacation care operates school holidays and pupil free days

7am-6pm Monday-Friday