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My name is Marina Jayartne.

I’m qualified childcare worker with a Certificate III qualification. I have multiple experiences in childcare services both as an educator and a cook. I have been working with Garfield Childcare for almost 5 years as a Cook and at times on the floor to spend moments with children and educators.

I am also a trained Cook for childcare services. Being a cook for Garfield Childcare was an experience that I enjoyed and also enables me to build reciprocal relationships with both children and their families.

Within my daily experiences I receive feedback from all corners of the service that builds my confidence in what I deliver to both children, families and Garfield Childcare team.

Providing Nutritional Menus is an area that I always maintain to ensure that children are getting their daily Nutritional requirements. Hence, I am always vigilant in catering for children who are in line with food allergies, and cultural preferences within their dietary requirements.

I regularly keep abreast of the current nutritional and dietary requirements, by attending courses and applying it appropriately to our menus.

My kitchen is always maintained to the accredited standard.

Garfield provides its children with 5 meals a day using a rotation menu system. Each day we provide breakfast for those early starters, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. The majority of your child’s daily dietary intake is consumed within the centre. This is why we have created a healthy and nutritious menu, along with added benefits to educate children about food and nutrition, and the importance of a healthy diet and daily physical activity.

Our centre is egg and nut free

Download Sample Menus from our Kitchen